Dog spelled backwards is God

A quick post before retiring to bed…

I think the reason that I love dogs so much is because they teach me a very subtle and overlooked quality of someone living in the Kingdom of God: contentment.

Wrench and Lucy have needs just like humans do–food, water, shelter. They also have desires to play, mate, hunt, and eat far too much food. But no matter how many of those particular needs and desires are being met at the moment, those dogs achieve a supreme contentment that overrides it all when they are simply being loved by me. Wrench wants nothing else in the entire world when he is lying in my lap and I’m scratching his ears. Lucy sleeps the sleep of angels and babies when she’s curled up at my feet. Their master is near them and is pleased with them, and that is all that matters.

Sometimes when I look over at Wrench’s mushed-up, drooling, sleepy-face all sprawled out on the sofa without a care in the world, I try to imitate him. I remember that to love and be loved by God is the bare naked core of my existence in this world, and so long as that relationship exists, I have no reason not to be content. All other worries and troubles and needs and wants in this life will wither and pass away, but we will forever delight in the presence of our Father and Creator.

I hope that it looks like an way more awesome version of this:

Night all!

– Nikki


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