In Which Nikki Explores the Blogosphere and Gets Excited About Upcoming Posts

Exciting news, folks. I’ve registered with Bloglovin’, a handy little website that allows you to stream all the blogs you regularly read into one personalized news feed, so you can now follow me there.

I’ve been enjoying this little blogging experiment a lot more than I initially expected to, and I think it’s helping me both stretch my writing muscles and find the motivation to seek out and really delve into my interests and passions. It’s also introduced me to some pretty swell people who share those interests, which is also a huge plus. All that to say: I’ve got plans, people. Big plans. I have a sticky note filled with future blog ideas and a stellar line-up of talented friends who are ready to humor me in my endeavor.

That brings me to my next point, which is announcing that I have some really exciting guest blogs underway, which I plan to make a regular feature. My concept for guest blogs comes from my strong belief in DIY and skillsharing, and from my desire to see learners connected with teachers in as many ways as possible. On India Ink Elephant, I’d like to showcase a variety of artisans and craftspeople who possess skills that I admire and that I think that my readers would enjoy hearing about. I’ll still occasionally post my own DIY tutorials, but as of right now I’m a bit of a novice of many trades, master of very few, so hopefully that category will grow along with my skillset, and I’ll be sure to post any disastrous crafting failures along the way so that my fellow newbies can feel some camaraderie. =)

Here’s a short teaser list of what you can expect to see in the coming weeks:

– leather making and tooling

– vintage make-up tutorials

– packing, caring for, and appreciating pipes

– homemade winter bed warmers

– ELEPHANTS! (Not a craft, I know, but an exciting guest blog nonetheless)

Lastly, I also created a formspring account as a way to make the blog more interactive. Although I don’t mind questions of any kind, I hope to use it as a space for readers to ask specifically about subjects on my blog they would like to learn more about–for example, “What materials was stage make-up made from in the 20’s?” or “Why do people build tall bikes?” or “Is it true that elephants mourn their dead?” The plan is that I’ll research and answer as many of these questions as possible, and turn the best ones into future blog posts. You can access the formspring here, or in the future by clicking the “Query Me” tab on the top of the page.

Whew! I think that’s about it for now. Thanks a million to my readers so far and all those who have commented or told me they’ve enjoyed the blog. Ya’ll are the bee’s knees.




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  1. Ria Rakis / Justice Pirate

    hehe. I was already following you through bloglovin. I look forward to all your new entries!!!

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