In Which Nikki Will Potentially Set Her House on Fire.

…either that, or I’m going to have the toastiest living room three space heaters and an extension cord can provide.

So apparently there’s this cold weather thing going on. Down here in South Louisiana we’re a little slow on the uptake about these sorts of things. Generally speaking, we wear Saints tank tops on Christmas and our snowballs come from a machine, in June, where they are then drenched in flavored syrup and packed in a styrofoam cup (yes, we’re a little slow on that whole green movement thing too). So please excuse us if we haven’t shown a whole lot of empathy or awareness of the severe snowstorms that have been pummeling the rest of the country lately. We have no frame of reference for such things. You might as well tell us that there’s been a national epidemic of swarming locusts, although on second thought we might actually understand that better. Did you know our roaches can fly?

Marc and I finally got shaken out of our blissful temperate weather ignorance this morning by two things:

1. I could see my breath in the bathroom this morning.

2. Marc’s bus trip to Nashville got cancelled. (Thank you Greyhound for making sure we got up early and got the most out of our day by NOT telling us this until we showed up to the station at 7 A.M.)


"I'm sorry, but I believe that plastic thing is getting in the way of petting me."

Thanks to some hijacked wireless and fast-flying fingers, though, we were able to get him on The City of New Orleans through Amtrak leaving at 1:45, although I think Marc is liable to lose some street cred with our crusty friends for paying for a train ticket instead of hopping one. =)

All in all, it’s been a pretty great morning. Unexpected delays, but the result was a few more hours with my boo and the opportunity to finish watching Willow, which Marc had been horrified to find out I’ve never seen. (There’s an entire list of movies people are horrified to find out I’ve never seen, but I feel that it’s balanced by all the awesome classic films and indie flicks I have seen.)

While in our living room warmth fort, I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the puppies and some of Marc when he took a pipe break outside. Prepare for canine and bigburlyman cuteness.

Stay warm, everyone!



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3 responses to “In Which Nikki Will Potentially Set Her House on Fire.

  1. Ria Rakis / Justice Pirate

    aww I love the last shot of you two. so cute. All these are very lovely shots. I want to play with your dogs! I had no idea your roaches could fly. ew. I hope I never see one haha. Oh well if I do though. ah, snow and cold isn’t that bad. it is the cold wind that is worse!!! It is really fun to be outside on a sunny winter day. I used to hate it all so much but really the cold and winter is a bit enjoyable. Has Marc hopped a train instead of paying for a ticket before? or is that just something that is popular with the crust punks there? I don’t think anyone could hop a train here.

    • Winter it totally my favorite season…because it’s so brief here and the majority of the time it’s sweltering hot. I just wish we had a better heating system so I could enjoy it more. Train hopping is a pretty standard way of getting around with our crustpunk friends, but Marc and I have never done it. This was his first time on a train period, but he definitely enjoyed it!

  2. Jamie

    You have seriously cute hats. And a lovely blog it makes me happy to visit. And a coffee date well overdue to spend with me (my fault). And a work day with my bigburlyman cuteness in which I will stop in to see you. I’m looking forward to hugging you.

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