In Which Nikki Celebrates Her Favorite Blonde in the Whole World

Back in December, I had the supreme pleasure of standing in one of my oldest and best friend’s wedding in Montgomery. Chelsea and I became friends when we started going to the same youth group in middle school. We have performed choreographed Britney Spears karaoke together, shared our deepest thoughts in several marble-covered “top secret” notebooks, and entertained elaborate fantasies involving co-owning a convertible, being college roomies in Florida, and getting our big break to become world famous singers (clearly working towards that goal with the Britney karaoke).

A little over a decade later, and although we never saw the whole convertible thing through, and neither one of us ended up going to college in Florida, Chelsea and I are still best friends and vital creative influences on each other. Chelsea has always, always, always supported me in my writing, taking time often to tell me, in her sweetly authoritative way, how good I am and how much she loves my work. I hope, in turn, that I have made her feel as good about her photography as she has about my writing.

Oh yeah, did I mention Chelsea is an internationally published wedding and portrait photographer? She’s amazing, and pretty soon she’s going to be way too famous for me. I’m going to have to hack into her iPhone to schedule appointments to see her.

Just kidding. About the iPhone part, not the amazing part. Because she definitely is that. Amazing. And her wedding was lovely, with the photos to prove it. All of the wedding guests had a blast jumping in front of the photo booth (a rig that Chelsea set up herself) and writing messages on the dry erase board. Chelsea told me later that these pictures were some of her absolute favorite from the entire day, and I can see why. There’s just something about the concept of a photo booth that brings out the fun in people. Since there’s no one behind the camera lens, you feel free to be just a little more goofy, a little more ridiculous than you would otherwise. And the photos that result are priceless.

If you’re getting hitched and want to capture your reception in a unique and very personalized way, I would highly recommend hiring a photo booth. Specifically Chelsea, because she’s awesome and she travels worldwide. Check her website here:

C.P. Mac Photography

and her blog here:

Chelsea Patricia

And just for fun, here’s a little throw-back picture of us back in the day…

No comment necessary. Other than this: DIY till I die–I definitely put those safety pins on that shirt myself and cut those ridiculous arm bands out of an old scarf. Oh, the signs of things to come…



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3 responses to “In Which Nikki Celebrates Her Favorite Blonde in the Whole World

  1. I love you, I love you, I love you.

    And I don’t know how, but I have those armbands. Still.


  2. Ria Rakis / Justice Pirate

    For some reason I thought she was a few years older than you! I didn’t know at all that you were about the same age. I love the old photo of you two. I love her photography too. I haven’t looked through her stuff in a while though and should probably do that. I think she’s adorable and so is her son. Congratulations to her on her marriage with her hubby!!! They make a cute couple I think. Love these photobooth shots too by the way.

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