In Which Nikki Picks Easter as a Good Time To Update

Oh, blogosphere. Every time I stray away for too long, it becomes a massive battle of wills to get back on the wagon of regular posts, with my self-sabotoging brain absolutely sure that posting anything after such a long absence is only going to draw attention to the fact that it has, in fact, been such a long absence. Please refer to this apt explanation if the previous concept sounds foreign to you. The same line of thinking applies to my comments on other blogs. I get so embarrassed about the shocking date of my latest post that I go into something like an internet cocoon, reading but refusing to comment on other people’s blogs because it will inevitably cause them to check on my site and blow my cover.

It’s like I’m hiding out in the woods in shame camouflage, getting more and more stir crazy and starting to consider eating my own left leg. In case you haven’t noticed, I have a really healthy thought life.

Almost a month has gone by since my last post, and so much has happened in that time. Remember our garden? Well, the little tyke is darn near a preteen now! I expect to find her (I don’t know why, but it’s a her) stuffing her bra with tissue paper and leaving Bonnie Belle kisses on Robert Pattinson posters any day now.

Aside from gardening and house repairs, I’ve also been spending a lot of time on photography lately, trying to grow a hobby that I get a ton of enjoyment out of into a full-fledged business. Here’s a brief sampling of my most recent shoots:

The first photo is of my dear friend Caitlyn. She was long overdue for some portraits, having undergone some awesome and drastic changes in her life in the past year, including dropping over 4 sizes as a result of eating healthy and running. We headed to the Bywater to capture some fun motion photography and portraits among the graffiti art and industrial landscapes near the river. The second photo is of Kimberly and David’s engagement session at Audubon Park in Uptown. I had so much fun photographing them; they are a laid-back, adventurous couple that didn’t bat an eye at my crazy pose ideas or my suggestion that they hop into the park’s fountain for a few shots. The last picture is of another close friend, Mike and his 1-year-old daughter Tallulah. This was one of my favorite candids during Tallulah’s Easter portrait session–you can just feel the love and adoration radiating from Mike, and looking at Tallulah’s adorable mug, you can see why.

In the next couple weeks, I’m hoping to launch a new photography website with the help of my buddy Luke at Snowcat Press, who’s going to take my hopelessly vague conceptual direction (“kind of vintage-y, but not too cutesy…vibrant and eclectic and…I really like art deco”) and turn it into a knockout WordPress site and branding. And it is that talent right there that makes Luke awesome.

I guess that more or less brings us up to today, today being Easter. As I type this, I’m sitting under a gorgeous oak tree outside of The Bean Gallery with Marc as we fuel up on coffee before launching our all-day family visitathon. There will be lots of candy, lots of food, and lots of sarcasm (at least on my side). Amidst all that foofery, though, in the quiet of my heart I’m trying hard to focus on what this day means to me and to humanity. A cross, an empty tomb, a risen Savior to wipe all the ugly off of my soul forever. It’s a beautiful morning.

Happy Easter, ya’ll!




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2 responses to “In Which Nikki Picks Easter as a Good Time To Update

  1. Victoria / Justice Pirate

    I love old Easter Postcards.
    That’s so great about your friend eating healthy and running. That is a difficult thing to do!!! I’ve been on my husband about doing that because he’s overweight for his height and used to weigh less than me when I met him (which he was underweight then). anyway that is great that you’ve been having all these job opportunities!!

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