First Harvest and a Cleanse Update

A thing of beauty, these guys. A few weeks ago Tracey called me out on the porch to try a taste of our snow peas, freshly picked off the vine–the first harvest from our spring vegetable garden. I’ve heard lots of big talk from people about how much better garden vegetables taste, but I was surprised to find out how little they were exaggerating. These snow peas were sweeter than anything Green Giant has ever come up with. The next day, I decided what dish I wanted to use my first batch of snow peas in: thai curry.

With its no dairy restriction, one of these things I find myself missing on the Clean diet is creamy foods. The loophole with that is coconut milk, and so Thai food fits in perfectly as something that satisfies my craving for something rich and also gives us an easy restaurant option if we’re eating out. I must say, though, that although the snow peas in this homemade curry were delish, I was unsatisfied with how the curry sauce came out. Like, tragically unsatisfied. There was weeping and gnashing of teeth. This is my third attempt at a homemade Thai curry and, against all mathematical odds, they seem to be getting worse rather than better. And even the best was a laughable way off from the flavor I’m used to getting at my favorite Thai restaurant. Are there any veteran DIY Thai chefs out there that have a good recipe for me? Or someone who wants to go undercover for me at Sukho Thai and steal all their Asian cookery secrets? Your reward will be a basket of snow peas and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Speaking of the Cleanse, I’m happy to say that after a little trouble getting back on the wagon after my Nashville trip last weekend, I’ve been back on the program since Sunday and feeling pretty awesome. My sugar and carb cravings are about 20% as strong as they used to be, and I’m finally establishing good, common sense eating habits in my life like drinking lots of water between meals and learning to stop eating when I’m full, even if there’s lots of food left on the plate. (That’s what tupperware is for Nikki, duh!) Stepping on the scale to find I’ve lost a total of 5 lbs in the past three weeks is a pretty good feeling, too.

Off to cook some yummy fish and veggies (never thought I’d be so excited about either of those things),


P.S. This week I’m excited to be working on a guest post for The Debt Free Family. If you haven’t read their blog yet, check it out! There’s tons of motivation to whip your finances into shape and ideas for how to make any budget stretch.


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2 responses to “First Harvest and a Cleanse Update

  1. I am so proud of your self control, etc (you know, all those things needed to do a cleanse and actually stick to it)!

    Can’t wait to see you next weekend, then again in JUNE!!!!

  2. Jamie

    I love your blog.

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