In Which Nikki Writes a Guest Blog

Hey folks! I thought I’d share with you the link to my friend Kate’s blog, called The Debt Free Family. I forget how I initially stumbled upon this blog, but I certainly know why I keep visiting it–Kate and her husband are chronicling their mission to wipe out their debt ($15,000) in 14 months on a $20,000 a year salary. I find this hugely valuable and inspiring, since Marc and I are trying to do the same thing (with admittedly less fabulous results so far). From Kate, I glean tons of helpful ideas about budgeting, cheap and natural alternatives to household products, great Mexican recipes, and thoughts about money and the Christian faith.

Kate asked me to write a guest post this past Saturday, and since she’s been very interested in hearing about my experiences with communal living, I decided to go at it from this angle:

Needs and Wants, or What Living in a Commune Taught Me About Contentedness 

Give it a read and show Kate’s blog some comment love if you’re so inclined.

Happy Monday, ya’ll!



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  1. You’re awesome. 🙂

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