In Which Nikki Indulges in a Little Shameless Self Promotion

I realized recently that I don’t talk very much about my photography on this blog. I guess that’s mostly because I like having India Ink Elephant reserved in my life as a tiny little place that exists entirely for my creative and nerdy pleasure. Seriously, if you go back and read my first entry, that was pretty much the only guideline I made for this blog. Must Be Enjoyable At All Times.

And don’t get me wrong, I very much enjoy photography…99% of the time. But of course, that other 1% is often pulling her hair out trying to make sure the books balance and think of new marketing strategies and find the perfect way to crop this photo and come up with an ingenious way to make my shot of a pregnant woman’s belly stand out from all the other shots of all the other pregnant bellies in the whole wide world. Like anything fun done for profit, there are times when I need a breather even from an art that I enjoy so much.

But I did want to mention my photography right now because I’m pretty excited about the coming months. I’ve recently launched a new photography website and booked my first two weddings for September and October of this year. Marc has gotten interested in the business as well, and in our daydreaming about long-term plans, we are hoping to grow the business as partners so that eventually we can be self-employed and more freed up to work on Wayfarers Ministries, our newly-registered nonprofit that will hopefully turn into a church and street kid drop-in center in the next few years.

If that sounds like a sizable to-do list, I guess it probably is. But I’m excited and really do believe that God is showing us, slowly but surely, how to survive as Grown-Ups without giving up on our dreams or ministry callings. It’s a pretty neat feeling.

Anyways, if you’re so inclined, check out Nikki Mayeux Photography. And if you’re in New Orleans and know anyone needing photography, I would love you forever if you recommend me to them. In fact, I’ll even offer a 15% discount to anyone who says they found me through India Ink Elephant. How’s THAT for a marketing strategy, eh? =)




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2 responses to “In Which Nikki Indulges in a Little Shameless Self Promotion

  1. bust ’em out. Your photography is way too good to sit around and not be shown off.

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