About Me

One day after class, one of my creative writing students handed me a story that she wrote. It was called The Most Magical Elephant in the World, and it read:

“This little elephant named Nikki is watering her alphabet flower. She prefers to be called Ele, so that’s what everyone called her except her mom. The plant you see here is not a magical one, it’s Ele’s water from her trunk that’s making the pretty flower grow. Ele is a very special elephant.”

I thanked her and decided after she left that the rest of my life would pretty much be a total waste if I didn’t spend it trying with all my heart and mind and soul to be Ele the Very Special Elephant.


In far more boring (read: concrete) terms, my name is Nikki. I’m twenty-four and I live and love in a city called New Orleans. I live in a hundred-some-odd-year-old shotgun house with my husband Marc, our two mentally challenged dogs, and an ever-fluctuating number of houseguests and roommates. We believe that the only wholly beautiful and true thing in this world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we are trying our best to live in a way that welcomes God’s kingdom on earth.

I care very much for old things and books and working with my hands. I care very little for consumerism. I’m learning what it means to love authentically and live joyfully, even when life and people are difficult. And my favorite pie is pumpkin.