Calling Cards

Friends With Pens

Following the Degiers {Jesus. campus ministry. theological ponderings.}

Jezebel’s Riot {books. biting whit. bombastic.}

Justice Pirate {vintage fashion. movies and music. anti-slavery activism.}

C.P. Mac {killer photography. even more killer blogs.}

Scum Gypsy Wagon {nomad life. Christian community. bus livin’ and lovin’.}

The Squid and Ishmael {domesticity. sustainability. rock ‘n roll}

Fine Folk of the Internet

Ruby-Eyed Okapi {chastity. modesty. everything in between.}

The Pioneer Woman {how i live out my wild west fantasies}

Hyperbole and a Half {MS paint webcomic delight}

My Other Dabblings

Wayfarers Church

Centre for the Arts


UNO’s Creative Writing Workshop


Know a blog or website that you think I should check out? Suggest it to me by commenting on this page!


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