Desk Reference

One of my favorite things about the Magic Web is how easy it is to learn about odd/antiquated/obscure subjects that strike my fancy. This page is a place to house a collection of internet resources regarding some of the things I talk a lot about on my blog. I hope these links can educate and inspire you in the same ways they have for me! If you have a link you think I should add, leave a comment and I’ll check it out.

with pomp and circumstance,



If you want to learn more about…

Christian Communty, New Monasticism, and Radical Living

Jesus For President


Jesus People USA

Christian Peacemakers

Making Things and Buying Less

DIY Natural

DIY Green Blog

Dumpster Diving FAQ

The New Orleans Literary Scene

NOLA Fugees

Invade NOLA

Maple Street Book Shop

The Tennessee Williams Literary Festival

Vaudeville and the Circus

Show History

History of Vaudeville

Database of circus history and research



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